pH Meters CI -244

PM-01 Digital pH MeterPortable: 3½ digit LCD display with combined pH electrode.
PM-02 Digital pH Meter  with Manual Temperature  Compensation  and  Combination  pH  Electrode, 3½digit LED display. Useful for pH and Redox Potential Measurement, (Table Model)
PM-03 Digital pH Meter  3½ Digit display with Automatic Temperature Compensation, Combination pH electrode and RTD probe (Table Model)
PM-04  Digital  pH Meter  DELUXE MODEL 3½ Digit with Automatic Temperature Compensation, Combination pH electrode and RTD probe. 3½ Digit LED display. Useful for pH and Redox potential measurement.

Optional :
1. pH Combination Electrode (0-14 pH)
2 . Electrode Stand
3. Temperature Probe
PM-05 Microprocessor Based pH / MV Temperature Meter With 16x2 alpha numeric LCD display portable having Auto Temperature compensation, auto buffer recognition along with accessories
PM-06 Microprocessor  Based  Digital pH / Temperature / MV Meter with 16x2 Alpha numeric LCD display having  auto temperature  compensation, Auto buffer  recognition along with Accessories. Data Storage Facility up to 700 samples, complete with pH electrode temperature Probe, electrode stand
Optional :
1. Combination pH Electrode (Gel Filled)

Conductivity Meter CI -245

CM-01  Digital Conductivity Meter – Portable 3½ digit LCD display, Battery operated.
CM-02 Digital Conductivity Meter 3½ digit LCD display along with conductivity cell & other accessories (Mains Cum Battery) Table Model.
CM-03 Digital Conductivity Meter  DELUXE MODEL  3½  digit  LED display  with facility  for  Automatic temp. compensation and digital cell constant Adjustment along with conductivity cell & temp. probs.
CM-04 Microprocessor Based Conductivity / Temperature Meter with 16x2 alpha numeric LCD display portable having auto temperature compensation, digit cell constant adjustment with conductivity cell & temperature probe.

CM-05 Microprocessor Based Conductivity / TDS / Temprature Meter with 16x2 Alpha  numeric  LCD display showing conductivity. Include Auto Ranging, Selectable reference Temp. Data Storage facility up to 700 samples.
Optional :.
1. Conductivity Cell (cell constant 1.0)
2 . Conductivity Cell (cell constant 0.5)
3. Conductivity Cell (cell constant 0.1)
4. Stand for Sensors

Colony Counter CI -246
CC-01 Digital Colony Counter    3 digit LED display, Range 0-9999.
CC-02 Delux Digital Colony Counter    4 digit LED display, Range 0-9999.
Dissolved Oxygen Meter CI -247
DOM-01 Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter  3½ digit LCD with Gold / Silver probes.
DOM-02 Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter  DELUXE MODEL 3½ digit LED with Gold  / Silver DO  probes & RTD  temperature probs (Table Model).
DOM-03 Microprocessor Based D.O. Meter with 16x2 alpha numeric LCD Display, simultaneous display of D.O. & temperature. Data Storage Facility up to 700 samples.
Water / Soil Testing Kit CI -248
WST-01 Digital Water and Soil Analysis Kit   3½  digit  LCD display  covering  7  Parameters :  pH,  TDS, ORP,  Conductivity,  D.O,  Salinity  and  Temperature.  Battery cum mains operated,  complete  with  accessories,  fitted  in briefcase.
WST-02 Deluxe Water and Soil Analysis Kit   3½  digit  LCD  display  covering  7  Parameters :  pH, Conductivity,  TDS,  Turbidity,  D.O,  Salinity  and  Temperature.   Rechargeable battery,  complete  with  accessories, fitted in briefcase.
WST-03 Microprocessor Water & Soil Analysis Kit   16x2  line  bold  Alphanumeric  LCD  display,  for measurement of  pH,  Conductivity,  ORP,  TDS,  Salinity,  and  D.O.  & Temperature.  Data  storage  up  to  1000  samples and  external  printer  attachment  facility  available.  Battery cum  mains operated with all accessories, fitted in portable brief case.
Spectrophoto Meter CI -249

SM-01 Double Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer : Double Beam (1200 Line/mm Grating)  Range 190 to 1100nm, fully automatic operations, automatic  10 mm 8cell changer, automatic  wavelength  calibration  &  wave  length scan, automatic  picking & spectrum display. Large  screen  with  graphic display. Spectrum and data can be printed out by printer and sent to computer vial RS 232 port. 2 Quartz, 4 Glass cuvette is provided to measure Absorbance, Transmittance, Quantitative, DNA/ Protein, Multi wavelength Scan, Kinetics software included (Imported).

SM-02 Single Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer :  Range 195 to 1000nm with facility for automatic concentration, % Transmission and absorbance & K factor measurements. Sample holder with 4 position selector control for 10 mm path length cuvettes. Interface with any printer RS 232 port. Set  of  2 quartz & 4 glass cuvette is provided. Software included (Imported).
SM-03 Microprocessor Visible Spectrophotometer : Range 340 to 1000nm, LCD screen display. 1 nm Band width Output mode standard RS 232 serial port with 0.5 cm to10mm square glass cell. Direct concentration read - out concentration factor setting function (Imported).

SM-04 Microprocessor Visible Spectrophotometer : Range 325 to 1000nm, 20x4 lines backlight  LCD  Display,  2 nm / 1 nm Spectrum Bandwidth  Equipped  with  RS232 port. Printer can be connected and data can be sent to PC by special software. (Imported).

SM-05 Digital Spectrophotometer : Range 340-960 nm with facility for automatic concentration, % Transmission and absorbance measurements. Wavelength resolution 5nm, 3½ digit LED display with a set of 10 test tubes (Single Display).

SM-06 Digital Spectrophotometer
: Range  340-960  nm  with  facility  for  automatic  concentration,  % Transmission and absorbance Measurements. 3½ digit data display, separate 3 digits LED Display for wavelength in nm with 1nm wavelength resolution. (Double Display).

SM-07 Digital Spectrophotometer (Deluxe Double Display) Range : 340-960 nm with facility for automatic  concentration, % Transmission and absorbance measurements 3½ digit data display. Separate 3 digit LED display for wavelength in nm with 1nm wavelength resolution. Equipped with a set of 2 Cuvette
Photo Colorimeter CI -250
PC-01 Digital Photo Colorimeter : 8 Filters mains operated with optical Density in 2½ digit LED display, 1ml solution measurement.
PC-02 Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter : 3  digit LED display with 8  glass  filters  covering  range  of 400 - 700 nm  with  facility  for  auto  zero,  %  Transmission, Absorbance.
PC-03 Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter : with a 16x2 line LCD Numeric, 8 glass filters covering 400-700, measures Absorbance, % T.3 Concentration, Soft touch keys. 1ml sample size.
Tds/ Salinity Meter CI -251
TSM-01 Digital TDS / Salinity Meter :   3½ digit LED display with cell constant adjustment Along with TDS cell & other accessories table model.
TSM-03 Digital TDS / Salinity Meter - Portable :  3½ digit LCD display, Battery Oper.
TSM-02 Digital TDS / Salinity   Meter
:  3½ digit LED display with facility for Temperature compensation and digital cell constant Adjustment Along with TDS cell & other accessories (Table Model).
Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter CI -252

KTM-01 Auto Karl Fisher Titrimeter  having array of LED’s provided with Inbuilt stirrer, auto zero burette, adjustable timer, dual platinum Electrode & other accessories.
Optional :.
1. Dual platinum Electrode
2 . Burette Clear Glass (10 ml)
3. Titration Vessel
4. Reservoir Bottle (500 ml)

Potentiometer CI -253

POM-01 Digital Potentiometer :    For  Redox  Potential  Measurement  Display  3½   digit  LED,  Range  0  to  ±  1999  mv,  Resolution  1  mv, Accuracy ± 0.1%, Power supply 230V ± 10% AC Supplied with 4 Electrode (Glass, Reference, Platinum & Silver).
Optional :.
1. pH Combination Electrode
2 . Platinum Electrodes
3. Silver Electrode
4. References electrodes
Flame Photometer CI -254
FPM-01 Digital Clinical Flame Photometer :  With filter (Na & K) 2½ digit LED Display (ppm) along with compressor and other accessories. Ca & Li filter can be provided on request.
FPM-02 Delux Digital Clinical Flame Photometer : Dual - channel  single  Aspiration,  with  filter (Na & K) for medical  use.  Final  Result  in  meq / L  2½  digit dual LED display for simultaneous Results along with compressor & accessories.
FPM-03 Microprocessor Digital Clinical Flame Photometer :: With  Na  &  K  filters, Direct  read out in ppm & meq / I Auto  Ignition  16 x2  lines  LCD  display  single aspiration and Dual reading display. It is supplied with compressor and other accessories for laboratory and medical use.
Turbidity Meter CI -255
TBM-01 Digital Turbidity Meter  Range (0-200,200-1000) NTU/JTU.00  NTU  With 31/2  led display along with a set of 3 glass Test tube.
TBM-02 Microprocessor Turbidity Meter  With 16x2 alpha numeric LCD display having. Two Range up to 1000 JTU with memory of storage of 2 standards to avoid frequent use of standard solutions.
Pyrogen Testing Instrument CI -256
PGT-01 Digital Tele Thermometer 6 Channels with probes.
PGT-02 Digital Tele Thermometer 6 channels individual display for each channel.
Optional :.
1. Veterinary probe rabbit / rats   
Melting Point Apparatus CI -257
MLP-01 Melting point apparatus.
MLP-02 Digital Melting point apparatus.
MLP-03 Automatic Melting point apparatus with built in silicon : Oil bath and stirrer, Adjustable heating rate and stirrer speed, Range up to 275°C with readability of 1.
MLP-04 Automatic  Melting point apparatus high pricision : Melting  point  is  displayed  on  3½  digit display on front panel. Automatic furnace cut-off with audio and  visual indication, Range of 40°C to 350°C readability  0.1°C fully automatic operation.
Bomb Calorimeter Digital CI -258
Tested  As  per  ( IP12 / 63T )  Requirement  of  institute  of  petroleum  with  safety  device.  For  determination  of  heat combination, calorific  value  and  sulphur content of solid and liquid fluids, it is supplied with Electronic firing device, bomb and calorimeter vessel, SS crucible, offset stirrer, lid, water jacket, nichrome ignition wire, with digital thermometer 0.1°C The bomb has capacity of 300  ml approx with read out and instruction manual.
Optional :
1. Oxygen Cylinder cap : 10 ltr with regulator
2. Digital Thermometer with firing unit (Beckmann thermometer)
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