Centrifuge Machine (Medico/Doctor) 3500-5000 RPM 15 ML TubeCI -220
4/6/8 Tube Swing Out Head
12 Tube Angle Head
5 Tubes of 50 ML Angle Head
Centrifuge Rectangular 5000 RPM with Digital RPM & TimerCI -221
8&12 Tubes 3500 rpm w/o Digital rpm and timer
8/15 ML with Digital rpm and timer
12-15 ML / 4-50ML with Digital rpm and timer
16-15 ML with Digital rpm and timer
Centrifuge Machine RectangleCI -222

Bench Top with Digital speedometer, Digital timer of range 0-59 minutes and variable speed regulator. Maximum speed 5200 RPM (without load).  Fitted with light weight  double walled  lid  made of ABS plastic moulding with 4 to 16 tube of 15 & 50 ml Swing/Angle out head.

Table Top Centrifuge Microprocessor BasedCI -223
Programmable  Microprocessor  control,  LCD  Display of  set  and  working  parameters, Display  of RCF  value, Safety Lid switch, Imbalance detection and automatic switch off. Sturdy and safe metal fabricated body. Max. Speed 5000 RPM, Max. Capacity 200ml. Max. RCF 3650xg. Depending on rotor heads (with Rotor Heads).
Research Centrifuge Machine 1000 RPMCI -224
These units are suitable for routine sample analysis in Medical, Hospital, Pathology and Institutional laboratories. With rotor heads and adaptors, this unit is truly versatile. It has digital speed indicator and 0-60 minute digital countdown timer.
CAP. 8/15 ML
4/50 ML
Research Centrifuge Machine Microprocessor Based 1000 RPMCI -225
Centrifuge  with  maintenance  free brush  less  motor  and  inverter  drive.  25 program  memory, 1  to 99 minutes timer, user definable  acceleration  and  deceleration  time  setting  in  the  range  of  40 to 500 second, LCD  Display  of set and working parameters and safety lid switch. Solenoid lock, Display of RCF value Imbalance detection. Max. speed 10000 RPM, Max. RCF 10500xg. Depending on rotor heads. Max. capacity 1200 ml  (without rotor heads)
Micro Centrifuge 1600 RPMCI -226
Heavy duty C.R.C .Construction high speed Micro centrifuge. Acrylic lid with powder coated finish fitted with well balance universal motor having long life imported carbons. Digital timer 0-15 minutes and Digital speed Indicator. Max RPM 16000 which can be controlled by various speed regulator. Supply completed with Rotor Head to accommodate Centrifuge Tubes of 1.5ml/2ml, Reduction adopters for 0.5 ml Micro Centrifuge Tubes. Head puller, Spanner.
High Speed Brushless Motors Centrifuge Microprocessor BasedCI -227
This centrifuge is Heavy duty High speed  Micro centrifuge, Max Speed 20000 rpm. C.R.C construction Powder coated finish fitted with brushless  automatic  balanced  motor  with  Digital  timer 0-99 minutes and Digital speed indicator, Max RCF – 27800xg  Digital RCF Indicator, Programmable speed regulator, Electronic safety lid lock Imbalance detector with rotor head Cap-10 to 24 tube of 5 ml to 10 ml.
Table Top Centrifuge Machine High Speed 2000 RPMCI -228
Bench Top high speed with digital speedometer, timer in the speed regulator range of 0-59 minutes Max speed 20000 RPM when rotor of 1.5ml of 12 tubes is fitted. Heavy duty CRC construction furnished with powder coating. Fitted with well balanced universal motor. Angle head cap - 6 to 12 tube of 50 ml to 100 ml with rotor head.
Refrigerated Micro CentrifugeCI -229
Table  top  refrigerated  micro centrifuge. The temp up  to -8°C is controlled by Microprocessor based digital Temp controller with variables speed controller and indicator, digital timer 0-15 minutes. Maximum RPM 16000 complete with Angle rotor head cap 12x 0.5/1 ml, head puller. Spanner, 12 tube of 1.5, 2 ml, 0.5 ml.
Refrigerated Centrifuge All Purpose 1600 RPMCI -230

Microprocessor  based  Table Top,  Excellent  Design  with Digital Timer 0-59 min. Digital speed Indicator Speed Regulator. Temp. from room temperature to -8 °C is controlled by digital temp. controller cum indicator. Maximum speed 16000 R.P.M. approx. on  load  of 1.5ml / 2ml head. Heavy duty CRC construction furnished with powder coating. Fitted with well balance universal motor having long life imported carbons.  S.S. Bowl size 11” dia with rotor head.
Refrigerated High Speed CentrifugeCI -231

Microprocessor based Bench top refrigerated centrifuge machine. Fitted  with  Brushless automatic balanced  motor.  Digital timer 0-99 minutes, Digital speed indicator, Digital R.C.F Indicator, Programmable speed regulator Electronic safety id lock,  Imbalance detector, Temp range -20°C  to + 40°C + 2°C,  Max. speed 20000 rpm, Max. RCF 27800xg, Timer 0-99 min, Brushless Motor,  (with 4 to 24 tube of .5 ml to 100 ml rotor head).
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