Dissecting Microscope BrassCI -331

A stable round base with square stage provided with jointed eyepiece carrier for free movement on the total stage area. With removable hand rests. Focus by rack & pinion. Two 10x & 20x eyepieces provided. Complete with stage clips and Plano concave reflector. Packed in thermoacol.

Student Microscope Single NoseCI -332
Horse shoe  shaped  base,  monocular  inclinable  body  having coarse  motion focusing by rack - n - pinion. Sub  stage  iris diaphragm .Objective: 10x Hug. Eyepiece: 10x or 15x Magnification: 100x or 150x.
Compound MicroscopeCI -333

Monocular body, tube inclinable up to 90 degrees. Mechanical tube length 160mm. Plain square stage of 120 x 120mm with two stage clips. Fitted with double lenses condenser N.A.1.2 with iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder. Triple  revolving  nose  piece for  quick  change  of  magnification with  accurate  click  stop  for perfect parafocal alignment.

Medical Microscope JuniorCI -334

For pathological labs, Doctors and students. Feature include separate coarse & fine adjustment,  movable condenser N.A.1.2 with iris diaphragm triple revolving nose piece, Microscope is inclined up to 90 degree.

Laboratory Medical MicroscopeCI -335

This Microscope is also for pathological labs, Doctors and students. Feature include separate coarse & fine adjustment, square stage with MECHNICAL STAGE, movable condenser N.A.1.2 with iris diaphragm triple revolving nose piece, Microscope is inclined up to 90 degree with MECHNICAL TUBE LENGTH 160mm.

Research Inclined Monocular MicroscopeCI -336

Includes  the  best  features  of  more  advanced  microscopes. Monocular  body   rotates  360°,  disc  diaphragm  and  built  in condenser. Separate coarse & fine focus controls and tension control. 6V-20W illumination, Ach. objective: 4x/5x, 10x, 40x/45x & 100x Oil immersion. Eyepiece: 10x WF or 15x WF Magnification: 40x to 1500x.

Binocular MicroscopeCI -337

With co-axial  mechanical  stage 45° inclined  head, simple Koehler light illumination 6V-20W illumination variable control. WF10x eyepiece, 4x, 10x, 40x(s), 100x(s) objectives, Packed in Thermocol box.

Binocular Microscope (Co-axial)CI -339

Co - axial focusing with co-axial mechanical stage, 45° inclined head, Ball bearing mount nose - piece, simple Koehler light illumination 6V-20W illumination variable control. WF10x eyepiece, 4x 10x, 40x(s), 100x(s) Oil immersion objectives, Packed in Thermocol box.


Trinocular MicroscopeCI -338

Same as Binocular Microscope but with Trinocular head.


Trinocular Microscope (Co-axial)CI -340

Same as Binocular Microscope (Co-axial) but with Trinocular head.


Projection MicroscopeCI -341

Inclined monocular with a sturdy base, overall height 500mm. The coarse motion is by rack and pinion arrangement. The dome is having precise screen and condenser 150mm. The illumination is with powerful condenser for high intensity of light, low voltage lamp to work with built - in - transformer. The object is projected on the optical glass screen having 150mm dia. The unit dome fits on the tube of microscope and can be rotated in all directions. The optical combination is one - eyepiece huygenian 10x and two objectives achromatic 10x and 40x ( SL ).  Total magnification 100-400x.

Projection MicroscopeCI -342

With its high quality Achromatic Optics & Projection Head it projects the stained & unstained need micro slides view directly on screen or wall for an individual group. Study body having coarse focusing with rock & pinion and fine focusing with drums. Illumination by powerful 24V-150W Halogen Lamp workable with separate transformer and cooling with 12V noiseless computer fan built-in-base. Projection Head replaceable which projects the slide view directly on screen or L wall LP  Optics : 5x, 10x and 20x Achromatic Objective. Suitable for projection distance from 1.5 to 3 meters.

Senior Projection MicroscopeCI -343

With 200mm dia, graduated screen 360 degree rotatable, quadruple revolving nose piece. Magnification ranging 100x to 800x or 125x to 1000x, workable on 220 volts AC mains with variable light control arrangement complete with stage micrometer slide for measuring, Optical combination. Eye piece 10x or 15x. Objectives 5x,10x,20x,40x/45x.

Inverted Tissue Culture MicroscopeCI -344

Binocular Observation Head large specimen stage, coarse & graduated slow motion knobs, Built-in Koehler's system variable illumination by a 6V-20W halogen bulb. Supplied with following optics in storing cabinet. Ach. Objectives : 5x, 10x, LWD 20x & LWD 40x. Eye pieces : W/F 10x (Paired).

Inverted Tissue Culture Trinocular MicroscopeCI -345

Same as above but with Trinocular head.

Inclined Metallurgical MicroscopeCI -346
Supplied with variable light control transformer 6V-20watt and following superior Objectives : M 5x, M 10x and M 5x (SL) Eye pieces : W/F 10x and H 15x.
Metallurgical Binocular MicroscopeCI -347

4x, 10x, 20x, 40x objectives, WF10x eyepiece, supplied with ASTM Grain eyepiece. Packed in Ply box.

Metallurgical Trinocular MicroscopeCI -348
Same as above but with Trinocular head
Inverted Metallurgical MicroscopeCI -349

Magnification range 50x to 400x with ASTM Grain size Eyepiece. Packed in Plywood box.

Stereo Binocular Microscope StudentCI -350

Straight head, 3x objectives,WF10x eyepiece reflector type stand, Packed in Plywood box.

Inclined Head Stereo Binocular MicroscopeCI -351

6v - 20 w light variable control, sliding type 2x & 4x objectives WF10x eyepiece.

Advance Stereo Binocular MicroscopeCI -352

360° rotatable head 2x & 4x rotatable objectives WF 10x eyepiece, top and bottom light arrangement, Packed in Thermocol box.

Stereo Zoom Binocular MicroscopeCI -353

Multipurpose  Zoom  Binocular  Microscope  revolving  head  inclined  at 45°. Illumination by Incident  &  Transmitted  light 12V - 20Wt each which can be used individually or simultaneously. Packed in Plywood Box. Objectives Highly corrected continuous Zoom 1x to 5x. Eyepieces :10x Extra Super Wide Field (Paired).

Stereo Zoom Trinocular MicroscopeCI -354

Same as above but with Trinocular head.

CCTV MicroscopeCI -355
Supplied with Trinocular microscope, high resolution camera, camera coupler, power supply. Tv / monitor optional. Thermo box pkg. External PCI Card to attach with Laptop / Computer.
CCTV Micro-Imaging SystemCI -356

Trinocular Coaxial microscope with high resolution camera, coupler, power supply and 15” LCD monitor.

Dark-Field Binocular MicroscopeCI -357
40x to 1000x magnification, Co-axial Mechanical stage, Combined Dark-field cum Bright-field Condenser, 6V-20W variable control. Packed in Thermocol box.
Phase Contrast Binocular MicroscopeCI -358
Phase contrast and bright-field options, 30° inclined side - top binocular head, Co-axial focusing system DIN Plan objectives PH 10x, PH 20x, PH 40x, PH 100x, WF 10x, Eyepiece, CT eyepiece, Phase disc mounted turret condenser, Green filter. Packed in plywood box.
Polarising MicroscopeCI -359

Objective P5x, P10x, P45x ( SL) and Eyepieces WF10x, H5x with Cross and H10x Micro. Circular stage 0-360º rotatable with venire, Packed in a box.

Inclined Polarising MicroscopeCI -360

Illumination built in within the base, Fitted with 45º inclined rotatable Head, objective 5x, 10x, 45x and Eye pieces 10x, 15x, circular stage 0-360º rotatable with vernier. Nicely packed in box.

Binocular Polarising MicroscopeCI -361

Same as above but with BINOCULAR VIEWING Head.

Ore Binocular MicroscopeCI -362

Binocular Head, with objectives 5x, 10x, 45x and Eye pieces 5x, 10x, 15x. Heavy sturdy Square Body with circular centre able stage 0 - 360º rotatable with 6 Vernier minutes & built in 6V, 20W With Polarizing System.

Tool Maker’s MicroscopeCI -363

Toolmakers Microscope for Precision measurements of diameters, threads, angles, lengths, and distance between two points on the part to measure. Large moveable stage travels in the X and Y direction with the turning of the stage micrometers. Distances can be read from the micrometer tool.

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