Over Head ProjectorCI -364

With  double  bulb  low  voltage  system 2 Halogen  bulb 24V - 250W  through  step  down transformer, writing  surface  250x250mm or 285x285 mm for A4 sheet.

Over Head Projector PortableCI -365
Folding type. Imported 2 Halogen bulb, for A4 sheet.
Slide Projector Automatic – AutofocusCI -366

With 85 mm F. 2.5 lenses equipped with Halogen lamp, low pressure cooling system. Operated through remote control for forward, reverse and fine focusing. 36 slides linear magazine with imported mechanical & optical components to achieve brilliant and sharp projections.

Dlp  Multimedia ProjectorCI -367

2300 / 2500 Lumens, Resolution - 600x800 pixels  SVGA with cordless Remote control.

E-Learner Interactive BoardCI -368

Size- 82” .

Projection Screen  With Metallic StandCI -369
Screen Size
Multimedia ( High Gain )
Projection Screen (tripod Model) Deluxe 180 x 230 cm
Projection Screen (tripod Model) Deluxe 132 x178 cm
Projection Screen (tripod Model) Deluxe 150 x150 cm
Projection Screen (tripod Model) Deluxe 125 x 125 cm
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